2014 Approaching the Home Stretch in Shanghai

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The Road to Nanjing Training Camp in Shanghai is coming down to the business end of things.

One week left, matters conclude on Saturday 21st June; eight tough training sessions Monday to Thursday will be followed by two days of informal competition to conclude what could very well be the best ITTF Education and Training activity in more than 15 years. Oh yes, legs are tired and minds are searching for answers by now but we do have a wonderful spirit of international solidarity and camaraderie to carry us through the dog days of practice. I firmly believe that only true and honest sport can fabricate the spirit that we now are sharing each and every day. .

Most of the players are also showing improvement. What we have here in Shanghai is the best learning situation you ever can achieve; by doing, by experience. Exactly as the Nanjing Youth Olympic Role model Jörgen Persson said in one of his educational sessions with the coaches and players the other day.
“You simply have to come to China and train. Try to understand the system of training and take the good things back to your country. Work with the good ideas, something that you like and believe can add something to your game – like the regular multi-ball practice. This is one of my favourite training methods”, said Jörgen Persson.

“…The 17 year old Swede, Anton Källberg is another player drawing great reviews from Mr Li Xiadong and his coaching staff. “Anton should come over to China for training much more regularly. Why not send him over here for two years and he will be a good player”, said the Chinese master coach.
The girls are also hanging in there. From the foreign players we have seen standout performances by young Lisa Lung from Belgium…”

Article By: Mikael Andersson, ITTF Senior Consultant


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